White Collar season 1 (TV review) Catch me if you can,the TV series

There is something about con artists that I find fascinating,to have the nerve and intelligence to cheat someone out of their money or property.

The first episode kicks off with some great drama,the lead escapes from a maximum security prison,he is finally caught by the man who put him prison in the first place,and then…..

They decide to copy the plot from the film Catch me if you can,or atleast the ending.

Some of the writing is clever but it seems sugar-coated some what,like the producers of the show have purposely dum downed the show.

Each show starts with the agent being in a bad mood with the con artist,it ends with them having solved a case,and the agent being happy with the fraudster,it’s good fun,but I am half a dozen shows in and it’s already become annoying.

I know they have a made a lot of seasons after this so I’m guessing it must improve or people don’t mind watching the same thing every week.


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