Blended (2014) Movie Review; A predictable generic film!

I am a fan of Adam Sandler, mainly his early work but I held out high hopes for this film, with his old friend Draw Barrymore included in the cast to bring back some of that chemistry witnessed in ”The Wedding Singer” the vibe of the film was looking good.

The start of the film begins well, the concept seems original, but it’s not long before the movie follows the usual predictable path, Adam will never be as successful as Eddie Murphy but they both seem to be churning out the same crap safe films, the danger in their performance seems lost.

Would be nice if Sandler found or created some original scripts, every chance his gets to embarrass his lead characters he takes it, reference the car parachute scene…..

On a positive note I did enjoy the fleeting appearances of Terry Crews, he is larger than life on several levels.



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