Gods Pocket (2014) Movie Review; Philip Seymour Hoffman!!!

I was looking forward to this film based purely on the fact that Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it, and knowing that it is one of the last times I would enjoy his superb acting. ( For those not in the know, he died this year)

The fact that film was good was an added bonus, it’s based in a working class neighbourhood, all the main characters interchange well without leaving you with that contrived feeling, the story is quite shocking but I got my thrills from the layered characters more than I did from the story.

It’s a smart film, the acting is first class and I can’t think of anyone on-screen who brought the quality down, with that said, it’s not the type of film that you are going to be in a rush to see again, it’s very life-like which is a testament to the cast, but in turn it feels depressing, nothing wrong with this but this should give you an insight into what you are letting yourself in for.




I have just checked into WordPress and I have 36 Spam messages that are not picked up by their system

I have noticed a lot of spam getting through of late, I do not approve the spam so you guys never see it but I enjoy responding to comments and now I am drowning in spam, I have to keep clicking spam on the comments then deleting them, the WordPress system would normally stop them getting through but it’s getting worse, all of these messages are generally linked to a company that are selling or offering a service.

I would be interested to know if this is a result of not paying for WordPress, are WordPress letting these spammers through to encourage people to pay for their upgraded version ?

Anyone else having this problem ?


The Rover (2014) Movie Review; A classy action packed film!

The style of this film is fab, I love a movie that starts and immediately thrusts you into the action, Guy Pearce is the man who can do no wrong in my eyes, he can play so many different types of roles to an impressive degree.

Guy plays a quiet broody looking guy sat at a bar in the middle of nowhere, when some strangers come into town his TV and beer pleasure are put on ice, there are scenes in this film that are explosive but bring a real edge of unique quality.

My only downer in this film is Robert Pattinson, if I had never seen him before this film he would have gone by largely unnoticed, but whenever I see him on-screen I immediately think ”Twiilight” he’s not a bad actor but he is not outstanding which makes it really hard for me to enjoy or respect him whenever he tries his hand at a serious piece like this.



Life of Crime (2014) Movie Review; A smart crime movie with foreplay!

I enjoyed this movie, it’s about two friends who plan a kidnapping, now you may say this has been done before and I wouldn’t argue with you but they bring a bit of foreplay into this storyline, each avenue is explored with regards to what if this, this and this happens, it’s very enjoyable to witness the plan coming together.

In the mean time the unsuspecting victim Jennifer Aniston delivers nicely, I have slated her in the past for playing the same character since friends but I have to tip my cap to her in this film, she is believable and likeable without being anything like her Friends character.

Tim Robbins also makes an appearance, I think everybody see’s him as their favourite third actor based on Shawshank, it is possibly the most over watched film out there but there is no denying its class, nice to see him in something new and clever.

Mos Def and John Hawke’s play the two leads who fail to show any hint of ego between them which results in instant likeability and a willingness to support and root for them throughout.



Need help, looking for a french silent film ???????

I saw this film on TV several years ago, I am guessing it was made no sooner than the 90’s and no later than the early 2000’s.

It was a silent film in colour, it was also set in a train station and had  interesting and quirky music playing in the background, there was a man who walks in the station and sits in the only space available in the waiting area, he starts to look at the people opposite him who are sitting on a bench waiting for their train to come in, he spots an attractive lady in a beautiful dress and tries his best to catch her gaze, when he does he then attempts to seduce her by eye contact to the dismay of all the other passengers sitting beside him.

Black comedy.

I know it’s not a lot to go on but I was so impressed with this film, I am just shocked that it has never appeared on TV or been spoken about since, if any french film fans could think back and help out I would be grateful, the man I am referring to was probably in his 40’s / 50’s and was wearing a business suit and was well-groomed.


Are You Here (2014) Movie Review; Generic pay check for Zak & Owen!

I am fond of Zak Galifianakis and Owen Wilson but this film is as generic as an old ladies wallpaper.

Zak plays the wild and eccentric character AGAIN !!! and Owen plays the cheeky charmer with the wonky nose, now I know he can’t help the nose placement but please guys, make an effort to create or be part of something original and smart, to some degree.

Zak’s Dad dies and he is called back to his small town to sort the families affairs out, only issue here is the story and the characters seem very unbelievable, sometimes when characters are off the wall this can create an eccentric, funny parody of life, not so with this movie, it kind of feels like the director was torn between a quirky independent movie and a commercial successful movie that aims to please everyone.

Wait til you have nothing to do before you put yourself out for this film.



Blended (2014) Movie Review; A predictable generic film!

I am a fan of Adam Sandler, mainly his early work but I held out high hopes for this film, with his old friend Draw Barrymore included in the cast to bring back some of that chemistry witnessed in ”The Wedding Singer” the vibe of the film was looking good.

The start of the film begins well, the concept seems original, but it’s not long before the movie follows the usual predictable path, Adam will never be as successful as Eddie Murphy but they both seem to be churning out the same crap safe films, the danger in their performance seems lost.

Would be nice if Sandler found or created some original scripts, every chance his gets to embarrass his lead characters he takes it, reference the car parachute scene…..

On a positive note I did enjoy the fleeting appearances of Terry Crews, he is larger than life on several levels.