Youngblood movie review – 1986 – 100% 80’s cheesefest – 6/10

Where do I start,there are so many things wrong with this movie that it

actually turned out to be enjoyable,purely on a cheesy laughable level.

Rob Lowe plays a 17yr old who lives  and works on a farm,he gets to

practice ice hockey when his local lake freezes over !!!

He goes for trials and impresses the coaches,this is were Patrick Swayze

comes into the movie,and to be fair,he has great charisma and is enjoyable to watch on the screen,

you can see his character development, for roles such films as Point break and Road house.

Keanu Reeves also shows up in this flick,playing an awful French extra.

The movie is such a mixed bag of American tripe,Hockey player wants to make it,lots of montage

training music,fight scenes,50 yard stares,all day long.

Worthy of a watch,but far to cheesy to take seriously.


The Promotion: Film Review 4/10

The Promotion Poster

Two guys. One job. No rules.

It should have said: Two guys. Eighty minutes. No laughs.

Both of these guys makes films that are worth missing at best of times. They both play the same type of roles in everything they do. Seann William Scott tends to be the funnier guy out of the two when he’s on form. Well as John C. Reilly is his usual self, not funny at all. He really needed to make his mind up what type of actor he wants to be, unfortunately he has not got the skill to pull of diverse roles, I find him very uncomfortable to watch and not at all camera friendly.

The main problem with this film is the script. It could have been a great comedy if Steve Conrad(The Writer) actually finished  writing it properly. Immediately from the beginning you are waiting for the killer punch lines! they should have been there! it was so obvious. He should have put some cheap gags in there just to get a reaction. You where left feeling hollow and empty, like a first date at the age of Twelve, but that’s normally at the end, this was twenty minutes in.

The funniest parts in the movie and I laughed out load, John C. Reilly’s wife is a Scottish lady and its by far the worst attempt ive ever heard of anyone portraying an accent. its worth watching just for these 3-4 laughs. I’m pretty sure this was not attentional to the movie, if that was that case he should have carried on this way, it was a giggle.

The movie was re-released this month, the original release date was 3 years ago. You totally understand how this slipped the raider first time round.

awful  4/10

Bad influence – (1990) Movie review – 5/10 – Terrible Lowe for Rob

I picked up Rob Lowes autobiography recently as I enjoy reading the inside

scoop on how movies are made and also how people were cast in certain movies.

So as I wanna know more about the films he is referring to I have decided to

download the best of the Lowe.

First off,Bad Influence (1990), I liked the idea of the movie,a nervous guy (spader) is going about

his every day life trying his best to succeed but hates any kind of confrontation.

The lead finds himself being picked on in a bar,in steps Rob Lowe’s character to

defend the weakling in distress.

He then goes about teaching his new prodigy how to get up to all sorts of trouble,parts of these

scenes are good,parts of them just feel rushed,Rob Lowe’s acting is terrible throughout,in

fact even though its still early days in my Lowe marathon,I’m starting to detect that Lowe has

one speed,that speed being the the good looking,smug bad guy!

I have never seen a movie with Lowe,were this wasn’t in his character,which makes me think that

maybe he is not that great a character actor,or I just don’t like his face!

Either way I will try and keep an open mind for the next few movies I have of his,

that includes,St Elmos Fire.



Adam & Paul: Movie Review 8/10

Adam & Paul Poster

The story is about two junkies from Dublin, Adam & Paul. We get to live there life for one whole day as they travel around the city looking for their next hit.

There first challenge of the day is deciding how they got to be where they were from the night before. They find them self sleeping on an abandoned mattress on some waste land with no recognition how they got there. Paul awakes to find the reason why the mattress was dumped in the first place, he is stuck it. He has to escape this sticky mess by getting out of his clothes while there still stuck to the mattress,seconds later he is stood in his underwear while his sidekick Adam rips his clothes off the bedding. Comedy Genius.

This is just a taste for things to come for this tragic pair.

As they zombie walk their way across the city looking for cheap scams and easy picking public to steal from, so they can get a score, to turn their day into normality of every other day.  You get an in-depth look at what a junkies life looks like.

Even though there is comic gold scattered all over this movie there is also a deep loathing and unsympathetic hated for junkies who do whatever it takes for there fix.

The comedy and the loathing go hand in hand for one reason, the acting. No doubt this movie is going to be seen by a selective few, those who do stumble upon it are in for a dark humours treat of real junkie life.


The sitter – movie review – 5/10

Why don’t casting directors do Jonah Hill a favor and stop casting him as the college student with no hope with the lady’s. He just isn’t believable any more as these type of characters, the guy is 28. I don’t know, maybe this is your average looking 21-year-old American!! Here some news for you Yankees he looks 33.

Maybe he is not actually portraying a student, but that’s the image that comes across, he does live with his mother and the girl from the open scene seems to be his first mis-adventure into female heart-break.

The movie really gets going when….”fooled you” it never goes anywhere. You know where its going, he shows up to babysit as the original babysitter falls ill. Of course the kids are going to be hard work or there isn’t going to any comedy to behold. Lets be honest there isn’t any anyhow.

5 hours later and after being chased by gangsters, police and drug dealers they all end up back at home safe and sound with the nice little message of, the kid are all great and the babysitter is not a fat loser.

Don’t panic  5 hours is movie time no real time

80min is still to long, could have been a sitcom.


Adam & Paul – Movie review- 2004 – 8/10

Probably the funniest movie I have seen in years,every town centre in the country normally

has its fair share of undesirables,in this case,its a couple of Irish smack heads who

try their very best to get by in life,by stealing,lying or crossing anyone in their path.

The story and the script should not work,but somehow making these bums Irish

and seeing them struggle seems to turn a low budget film into comedy gold, with a heart !



We bought a Zoo: Movie Review

We bought a Zoo is based on a true story. Of course, because if it was a true account I would want to go and visit this Zoo for myself and throw up all over this family.

Matt Damon went really quiet a couple of years ago after the bourne trilogy. If he never made another film again after these, I would not have complained the guy was involved in three of the best action films ever made. For me he was totally mis-cast in this movie. He doesn’t suit the sickly dad who will do what ever it takes to make the family happy. If the guy wanted a perfect happy family, would he have forced his son to do whatever(see what I did there). I guess enough constraint to do something for long enough it sticks.

I hope my girlfriend get used to being chained to the kitchen, she’s complaining right now but a few day of tantrums should break her!!

Scarlett Johansson also is totally mis-cast here to, I just don’t feel in compassion for either characters. I just think the casting director got wrong, there was a loving story to be told here, but it just didn’t work.

The was not all as bad as I am making it sound, it was watchable. The 7 years old daughter was a very sweet, very sincere. She could only work what was giving in front of her. The brother played by Thomas Haden Church(side ways)was funny to at times. The best actors in the movie of course where the zoo animals.

A really disappointing  5.5/10