This is a movie that’s whole objective is to shock you. It doesn’t disappoint, right from the get go it shows a guys who is hell-bent on self destruction. The main character is loathsome, you actually hate the guy. An awesome display of acting on his part, and direction of the movie. You start wondering if they can keep you interested for the whole movie with someone so vile. The answer is a definite yes!! no sooner are you hating this guy your meeting other character who you hate even more. Is there any help for this guy? of course there is “a damsel in distress”, to save the day,maybe not!! She actually turn out to be one that’s more distressed, who will save who is what you wonder? This movie gets darker and darker as it nears the end. There is a shining light at the end, you actually end up liking Joseph(the main character), then you wonder am I right in the head?

8/10 yappy


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