West ham

Cardiff 0 v West ham 2, tell you what we were rubbish today, and we still beat them comfortably. What the hell were Liverpool doing last week? I so wanted Cardiff to win that game, I was screaming when Gerrard missed, I was like “haha, you fucked it”. Then his fucking cousin goes and makes up for it, dodgy scouse cunts. Since we lost the final to them, there has been this burning hatred inside of me for Liverpool.

One thought on “West ham”

  1. I dont hate Liverpool but I was rooting for Cardiff last week,as for WHU today,Im starting to
    enjoy Big Sams tactics,we dont play attractive football but we do out fight and out think
    the opposition,we are like the Lennox Lewis of the football world,we just keep throwing
    out that jab and tire our opponents out until they are beaten.

    I thought Faye was outstanding at the back today and I was impressed with Maynards
    willingness to run,man that guy has blistering pace,when he hits form west ham will
    have a great striker on their hands.



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