Killer Elite

Killer Elite Poster

Maybe recent film sites where a little unfair giving Killer Elite and average 6.5. I would at least stretch out to a 7, maybe 7.5 on a good day. I enjoyed the movie, it’s always good seeing an action movie being filmed in English scenery. I suppose they have to throw Statham a bone now and again. Every movie he makes is virtually the same old stuff. I do try my best to miss most of everything he does. The only reason I gave this a view was because of the great De Niro. I think the days of De Niro firing a machine gun and look convincing are well past him now. He didn’t play a major role,what he did well. He is still a quality actor who has a lot to offer. Clive Owen does a convincing job in the movie, he really does play the tough ass hole very well. Statham is same as ever. He knows how to play theses parts well,so he should he plays the same, don’t look at me that way or I will break your face character in all his movies…

It’s worth a watch.

7/10 yappy


One thought on “Killer Elite”

  1. Could not agree with your review above,I had to check to make sure I had seen this forgettable movie and to my displeasure I had,Robert De niro features in the movie
    but he could have completed this role whilst sleeping through a coma,Jason Stratham
    leans towards his brain dead character in the transporter,as for a script and plot
    im surprised the editer did not commit suicide while viewing the whole footage,never mind the cut down version we had suffer.


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