We need to talk about Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin Poster

It looks like we are in a time where good films are hard to come by. So now to grab out attention directors and producers have to pick out the most craziest story plots imaginable. We have to talk about Kevin!! sound like a nice sweet name for a movie doesn’t ? WRONG.

I found the first 20 minutes of the film very frustrating, I just could not work out what the plot was or where it was taking me. It was jumping in and out of scenes, flashing back to random situations. Many films now days are trying this concept. What keeps you from losing interest is the camera angles they use, it’s very arty farty, but in a good way.

After you have cracked the opening, you are going to be introduced to some very interesting  characters . If you are looking for a child who would put you off ever having children!! then welcome to Kevin. He makes Damien from The Omen look like a sweet kid. Tilda Swinton  whom I normally find annoying plays a great part of the broken mother, but with good reason. John C.Reilly play the father, who is less convincing. Then again since Boggy Nights I have never been able to take anything he does very seriously.

The film keeps you guessing all the way through, just when you think you have worked out the plot and what is what and why this and why that, it turns out your were wrong. It’s not a disturbingly shocking film. As the end nears you can see where the idea was originated from. And we think English kids have problems, hmm.

A surprising 8/10

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