Return to paradise : Movie review 8/10

Return to Paradise Poster

A true story which has gone under the radar for most people,but without doubt is

a shining light for the non Hollywood brigade.

Three guys enjoy a gap year out in Malaysia,whilst over there,the guys enjoy

beers,women and weed on a daily basis,when the time comes to go home

and return to reality one of this trio decides it’s not the right time for him to

return and instead decides to do some volunteer work.

A few years later in New york and the two friends who returned, get a visit from

a lady who explains that shortly after they left Malaysia their friend was arrested

for having a dealer amount of weed in his possession,he has spent the last few years

in the local prison,but the courts have accepted a plea that the drugs found on the American

was a shared purchased from the trio when they were on island together.

The Asian courtroom have declared that unless the two Americans return and

agree to spend the next ten years in prison their friend will be executed.

Emotions run high throughout this movie and when your are finished watching

this flick I will gaurantee you will put yourself in their position and struggle with the decison

you arrive at.

8 / 10 KO

Starring : Vince Vaughn,Joaquin Phoenix

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