The Artist: Movie Review

The movie is set in the 1920’s where silent movie stars ruled the screens. George Valentin is the biggest catch of the day, but nearing the end of the 20’s talkies are a new phenomena and Hollywood need a new star. George finds himself pushed a side for fresh faces. George struggles to come to terms with his new role in life as he watches a young starlet he stared with near the end of the silent era rise life a flaming inferno.

The emotions are mixed between love and jealousy.

I did not really want to enjoy this movie, only because  the way it has been perceived as the best thing since the Titanic sank (1997 not 1912).  I could not work out where there was a place for silence in todays movie world but I was wrong it was a refreshing change from the norm. It reminded me of my childhood in the late 70’s and early 80’s when silent movies where day time entertainment, I guess they where like the James Bond of their day, repeatedly regurgitated . Its was nice sitting in silence for one and half hours(it does have a music score in the back ground). Even with out the speaking it was easy to understand whats was being said.


8 thoughts on “The Artist: Movie Review”

  1. Good review,I tried to ignore the hype over this movie and I was keen to give it a fair
    crack when I finally got round to watching it,for the first 20mins I was impressed and surprised at how easily it was to enjoy and follow the movie,that being sad,around the
    hour mark I started to feel like my ability to hear conversation had left me and instead was
    replaced with music that made my nan jump to the dance floor.

    The movie felt more like a nice novalty rather an enjoyable movie.


  2. I just hope this is where the silent project ends, I think not though. If I know Hollywood, they are going to want more of this success. Thank you and goodnight is what I say.

    Sure the music was granny jiving, I just don’t think a 80’s retro sound track would have worked that well here:)

  3. Great review!

    I was apprehensive about this movie as well. However, I was excited to discover such great details, quality, and enjoyment. It is on my top five-movie list now. 🙂

    I have a hard time interpreting what people mean with their words, I usually take words very literal and they are very important to me — this movie I discovered made it easy for me to interpret their cues, and meanings. 🙂

  4. ‘It reminded me of my childhood in the late 70′s and early 80′s’–ah you kids–my childhood was in the last 30s, early 40s–I was in that world of silents AND talkies–The Artist was every Fred and Ginger movie (you do know who they are, right? LOL) ever made and enjoyed by millions–just missing the Cole Porter, Irving Berlin songs

  5. Everyone is different ,I saw this movie as more of a gimmick, not a movie to take seriously,there are some french silent movies that I adore,I just thought this movie was cashing in on the glamour of the past.


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