Tower heist – 2011 – 7/10

Tower heist has some tasty has been stars,this movie stands out more for where these stars

are now in their career rather than how good this film is.

Eddie Murphy was probably the biggest black comedy star of the 80’s,for some reason

his natural ability to be able to charm and dazzle on screen seem’s to have left him.

Mathew Broderick also fits into that frame,he played possibly the coolest teenager in

one of John Hughes biggest films(Ferris Buellers day off),since then he seems to only play the wimpy character who has no confidence or real personality.(Godzilla,the freshman…)

Back to this film,Ben Stiller plays a general manager of a exclusive hotel,after one of their

guests loses most of the staff’s money through bad investments, Stiller’s character decides

it’s time to seek revenege.

This movie is not bad,it’s just not great,if you are desperate and have nothing better to do

give this a butchers!



One thought on “Tower heist – 2011 – 7/10”

  1. I wish I had a good word to say about Eddie Murphy…. But I don’t. He is the biggest flop ever to come out of the 80’s. He made 4 good film and 2 of those were follow ups. Don’t even bother with” coming to America was ok and the Golden child”. The guy had so much potential, I just can’t fathom where he lost his comic genius! I guess dollar signs really do scruple your morales. As for this movie he is just average, I read reviews saying it was his best performance since the 80’s. I guess the person who wrote this was born in the 90′?

    Maybe it’s Brodricks best performance since the 80’s, but thats not to hard a comparison to all the other turkeys he has served up.

    All in all the movie was ok, Stiller does a good job with what he’s got around him, he alway plays similar roles in his movies, but I do chuckle often.

    6.5/10 yappy

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