Anonymous: Movie review 8/10

Anonymous is a period drama set out to make you take a different angle on who William Shakespeare was. The theory here is that the Earl of Oxford, Edward De Vere was the real playwright and poet. The Earl of Oxford(Rhys Ifans)whose connection to the royal family and status in the community can’t be seen as writing such bare to the bone plays about matters close to home. He therefore passes his work on to a stage actor by the name of William Shakespeare.The side story covers Queen Elizabeth I and her love for the theatre and for the Earl of Oxford himself . As English history as shown time and time again, mutiny isn’t a stones throw away.

So the breaking news was that William Shakespeare was not whom he says he was. Well there goes my long life belief. It must be true then? when a German director gets chance to dismiss that Shakespeare’s was a fraud and not at all English, he is going to roll with the 20 million pound budget and screenplay written by John Orloff and set out to tarnish our perspective of our greatest ever playwright. The fact that there is no evidence to prove any of Orloff’s theory’s you can take this movie for what it really is set out to do, entertain.

I must say I did rather enjoyed the movie, this is where the British actors really get to show their skills. Rhys Ifans play the Earl of Oxford very well indeed, he shows a real talent for true dramatic acting. You truly forget the stoney characters he plays in Twin Town, Notting Hill and Mr Nice.The cast around him also don’t let him down, there are many recognisable faces to be seen.

I will say that I choose this movie not really knowing much about it. When it started I thought “oh know, what have I done”. I thought I would give it 20 minutes to see how it pans out.  The pan worked out just fine.

An enjoyable but not true

8/10 yappy


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