Young adult – 2011 – 5/10 movie review

I had seen a few raving reviews on this film so I decided to take

a punt,wish I hadn’t.

The only good thing I can say about this film,is,its shot beautifully and with

skill,now for the rest of the film,it starts with a depressed writer

who is feeling slightly rejected or depressed with her own

situation and decides to visit her old town to

rekindle an old relationship.

The lead is played very well by Charlize Theron, but her character becomes

slightly annoying rather than interesting or entertaining.

Most people in life can relate to a break up or feelings about an ex

by the time they are 30,if there were a rule book of what not

to do,within regards to your ex,this character breaks most of those rules,which should

result in a good movie,but in the end I just found it to be a depressing and

and uninspiring.




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