A few best men: Movie Review 4/10

This is how low-budget this movie was, I couldn’t even find any pictures to paste.

The plot of this movie is all in the title, it’s the British vs Ausie version of bridemaids. It start with a holiday romance on a remote desert Island, the guy ask the girl to marry him, 15 minutes later after he’s been home told all his friends he is on a flight to Australia to marry the girl 3 months later. ly

As you can probably guess his friends course nothing but trouble, leaving a bad impression on his future in-laws. It’s the typical cliché of will there be a happy ending.

To tell you the truth I don’t know why im bothering with a review, I was actually playing with my phone half of this movie. The good news was I got a high score on a new baseball game.

Enough said.

I did say 5/10 but as I write this its change


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