We bought a Zoo: Movie Review

We bought a Zoo is based on a true story. Of course, because if it was a true account I would want to go and visit this Zoo for myself and throw up all over this family.

Matt Damon went really quiet a couple of years ago after the bourne trilogy. If he never made another film again after these, I would not have complained the guy was involved in three of the best action films ever made. For me he was totally mis-cast in this movie. He doesn’t suit the sickly dad who will do what ever it takes to make the family happy. If the guy wanted a perfect happy family, would he have forced his son to do whatever(see what I did there). I guess enough constraint to do something for long enough it sticks.

I hope my girlfriend get used to being chained to the kitchen, she’s complaining right now but a few day of tantrums should break her!!

Scarlett Johansson also is totally mis-cast here to, I just don’t feel in compassion for either characters. I just think the casting director got wrong, there was a loving story to be told here, but it just didn’t work.

The was not all as bad as I am making it sound, it was watchable. The 7 years old daughter was a very sweet, very sincere. She could only work what was giving in front of her. The brother played by Thomas Haden Church(side ways)was funny to at times. The best actors in the movie of course where the zoo animals.

A really disappointing  5.5/10


One thought on “We bought a Zoo: Movie Review”

  1. Funniest review yet,find the family and be sick on them
    was my highlight lol.
    It was a gooey movie but I enjoyed Damons portrayal,it was never gonna match bourne,but then I doubt that was the idea.


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