The Guard: Film Review 9/10

The Guard Poster

The FBI travel to a sleepy village in Ireland to crack and drug ring. They bite a bit more off then they can chew, not only do they have the local police force to deal with, they have the public to win over too. The FBI find the going tough when inquiring about any strange goings on and around the village. The locals don’t like busy bodies none too much, specially the FBI. Luckily at hand is the unorthodox Sergeant Gerry Boyle.

Still of Brendan Gleeson in The Guard

I had this movie on the back burner for quite some time, there was always something else more intriguing to watch. If only I knew then what I know now!

This is by far the best comedy of the year for me. I love the Irish sense of humor and in this movie it is plain to see. Sergeant Boyle played by Brendan Gleeson (in Bruges) is a dead pan comic genius. You just are under his spell all movie waiting for what type of offset remark is coming next. The FBI agent played by Don Cheadle (Iron man) who is mostly on the end of his razor-sharp tongue wonders if the man is just down right stupid or a genius

Still of Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson in The Guard

If I had to pick a fault I would have given  the bad guy a bit more virtue instead of just the typical cockney geezers types, if you want to get away with shipping half a billion in drugs then choose your thugs less Guy Richie .

Enjoyable to the end





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