The Iron lady – 2011 – Movie Review

Meryl Streep is outstanding as Margaret Thatcher,it’s actually creepy how a like,she is.

As for the movie itself,I was looking forward to seeing the famous Thatcher at her weakest and most powerful stages of her life,this movie doesn’t really hit the target when it comes to showing this.

The movie starts and ends with Margaret in modern-day,and then uses the flashback sequence to show you her life,It worked in the Green mile,but for this film it fails miserably,as I child I was always slightly afraid of Mrs Thatcher,there seemed something alien about her no-nonsense attitude to taking flak.

Because of the constant reminder of her being old and slightly crazy,I think it takes away from her strength in character that she displayed throughout her life,maybe the director was afraid that she would be seen as a monster,but I think people would have been more interested and enjoyed a straight forward bio on the Iron lady,rather than this filtered version.



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