Neds – Movie review – 2010 – fantastic movie,Trainpotting meets Cemetry junction

Trainspotting meets Cemetery junction is probably the best compliment I can give this film.

Peter Mullen who is famous for ”Trainspotting” and Tyrannosaur directs this Scottish masterpiece,its based on a rough council estate in Scotland and is the story of two brothers,one who has already gained a reputation for trouble and another who has some choices to make.

You may be forgiven for thinking that this movie has the obvious moral tale to tell with regards to right and wrong,this is what happens if you make such and such a choice,you could not be more wrong in this case.

The extras were not trained actors,this add’s a level of realism to the story which only increases the viewers enjoyment levels on this roller coaster of a story.

Peter Mullan Picture

Peter Mullen



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