Super 8: Movie Review 7/10

Super 8 Poster

It’s 1979 and two horror fan enthusiast set out to make a movie, with the help of their friends. They all sneak out of there houses late at night to film a scene for their latest Zombie movie.

While on location at an old rail road station a train  approach’s the station. Not wanting to miss the opportunity they begin rolling the movie, seconds later in the distance a crazed pick up truck come hurtling over the arisen . The pickup takes a sudden turn  on to the train track and bang….derails the train.

The kids run for safety as the train demolishes right before their eyes. As the destruction settles there is another explosion that look like a gas explosion.

Then they notice the pick up truck, they investigate to see if they crazed driver is still alive. They notice the driver as one of their old school teachers. He warns them to flee or else…..

All the while the camera is rolling.

Over the next few days strange things begin to happen around town. Was there something on that train that should have not escaped??

This movie right from the beginning has Spielberg ‘s finger prints smeared all over it. A great move on J.J. Abram(Director) part roping in the daddy of  the big screen! or was it?

Steven Spielberg at event of Super 8J.J. Abrams at event of Super 8

I don’t think it was to be totally honest. This movie had that ET and The Gonnies feel all the way through. Not saying this is a bad thing as I quite enjoyed the movie,  Abram would have learned some skills that could see him survive and succeed as long as Spielberg, but the feel was Spielberg all the way.

Elle Fanning at event of Super 8E.T.: The Extra-TerrestrialStill of Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohen and Jonathan Ke Quan in The Goonies

The cast do an OK job. The stand out was Elle Fanning who will go on to be a great little actress. The special effects were not to shabby either, which normally tend to let films down these days.

Not as good as the hype, but enjoyable none the less.


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