Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen: Book Review 8/10


Let me just point out, I know this looks like a book about running! The main concept of the book is primarily running, but there is also a tale of adventure and mystery.

The adventure begins when Christopher McDougall (the author) set out to find a superhuman set of athletes of which are rarely unknown in the non-sports world. They briefly appeared between the 80’s and 90’s in some of the biggest ultra runs on american soil. After these events their private life was invaded, so they disappeared again deeper into the canyons where they could not be found.

McDougall hears of a man by the name of Caballo Blanco who not only runs with the Tarahumara, he has been know to live among them in Copper Canyon of Mexico, leaving behind normality of everyday life. Blanco becomes very elusive to track down, he is the real life Keyser Soze. People have heard of him, but sighting are rare.

What makes the Tarahumara superman? Is that they don’t have to think twice about waking in the morning, slipping on a pair of home-made sandals and going for a light 100 mile jog. Just think about Canyons in your mind’s eye!!

McDougall who has suffered chronic injuries though running himself, hope to track to the Tarahumara to learn the techniques and why they have the ability to endure such strenuous feats with no visible gains.

The book is not just for run enthusiast, it’s for people who also like traveling into the unknown.

This book will make you want  tie your laces and have you running with a smile, lets not head straight towards 100 mile though.



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