Welcome to Hell: One Man’s Fight for Life Inside the Bangkok Hilton

On my way back from Bangkok one hot summer night,I stretched by legs with a brisk walk after spending more than thirty minutes trying to get through customs in the airport,(it seems harder to get out of Thailand than it does getting in)

While browsing a book shop I spotted the above title and started to read the first few pages,I could not stop there so I purchased this book and completed it by the time I had touched down in the UK.

It’s the story of a self-employed builder who get’s offered a contract to start his own team of builders in Thailand,working for a big company based out there.

Before he knows what has happened,himself and the people he hired have been shafted and are out-of-pocket,determined to find who has placed this misery on his shoulders he decides,rather than just go home and learn from this experience he will seek revenge and catch the crooks that set him up.

What conspires after this, is horribly brilliant and shocking,I found myself speeding through the book and would recommend anyone,regardless of background to give this a read, I guarantee you will be moved.




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