Contraband: Movie Review 6/10

 After this movie finished, I had to ask myself? Was I satisfied with what I’ve just witnessed?
 The truth was there was not too much to complain about in this movie, that being said there wasnt too much  to get overly excited either. When you have Mark Walberg starring in your movie that’s an option that flies out the window, over complication. I tend to find he’s 50/50 in his movies, 50 is he’s OK and the other 50 he is terrible. Luckily its the later for Contraband.
 The story goes. The ex brilliant Contraband man who now has his own business gets dragged back to do one last job, after his brother in-laws attempt to smuggles drugs into the country fails. He luckily escapes the law, but he can not escape the drug barons who want their money.
 Luckily someone in the family is at hand to help. Walberg goes about setting up a team to help bring in some fast cash. But everything doesn’t go as easy as planned.
 Of course it doesn’t. Or it would be just a nice little jolly to pick up some illegal crap , some laughs on the way home and everyone’s happy.
 Even though it’s not as straight forward as they would like, it’s not overly confusing either. This is where the movie falls into the category of average.
Giovanni Ribisi(Avatar) plays the bad guy pretty well, showing he has a good skill set in his closet. Beckinsale(underworld) is as average as the movie. Ben Foster(The mecanic) as the double crossing best friend does an OK job, but there is not much depth there. J.k Simmons(burn after reading) has a small role a captain of the ship who is always fun to watch.
 A gone as soon forgettable

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