Derek – tv series review – I love Ricky Gervais,not so keen on Derek

Just watched this show by Ricky called Derek,after five minutes of watching I felt like a parent at a school play wishing her son to do well,but deep down knowing that what he is doing is shit.

I have no moral problem, with him playing a simple character,I just don’t think it’s funny.

I still love Ricky and Stephen Merchants work,but there is something naff about watching a bunch of old people being cared for by a bunch of miserable people.

There were a few moments were Derek had some accidents,the build up to these were obvious and when the laughter was supposed to begin,all I felt was embarrassment for Ricky.

You should always try new things and learn from them,im sure Ricky and Steve will and hopefully return to the intelligent dry humour they are known for, once Derek is out-of-the-way.


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