Crazy,Stupid,love – Movie review – funniest movie of 2011

All round good movie,the cast are fantastic together and have the perfect chemistry to create my favourite comedy of 2011.

Steve Carrell plays a man who unexpectedly find’s himself single,as its been a good few years since he was last in a bar chatting up women,he find’s himself being rejected,that is until he bumps into,man of the moment,Ryan Gosling.

The movie has many laugh out loud moments,matched with a slick and cool theme.




3 thoughts on “Crazy,Stupid,love – Movie review – funniest movie of 2011”

  1. Just watched this movie last week. LOVED IT! Should have seen the connection before the end, but I got wrapped up in the story. Great movie. I think I like Steve Carrell in these roles better than his comedic roles.

  2. I really enjoyed the ending,they were clever not to show a connection at the start of the movie.

    I thought Steve’s role was very comedic in this movie,that said very black humour.

    Thanks for the comment

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