Ricky Gervais: TV Review, The end is a near.

What was Gervais thinking about when he creating Derek. I guess this is what we get when he goes into writing solo. No wonder Stephen Merchant didn’t want any part of this. He knew if Ricky was going down, he didn’t want to be dragged along with him.

For a while now Ricky has become less and less funny. I wonder how it happened, because the first four years he couldn’t put a foot wrong. Then I realised after listening to the back log of podcasts he is not that funny. His comedy is boorish and his narcissism gets to be very irritating.

To me Stephen Merchant  clearly the funny one, he is quick-witted and has a funny imagination. His downside is that he is not camera friendly. Gervais on the other hand is very good in front of the camera but he bring very little to this venture.

Lets just hope Derek improves over the next few episodes, I cant see it myself. It’s only going to get worse for Ricky over the next  weeks. Critics are going to have a field day with this, he will look better coming out of a coma after ten years then he will at the end of Derek.

The one plus side to Derek! Was Karl Pilkington, even though he just plays himself with a little more hair, you cant help but chuckle every time he open his mouth.


One thought on “Ricky Gervais: TV Review, The end is a near.”

  1. I would not declare this as the end of Gervais,all the greats have their down time,to have Merchant without Gervais,is like having the Cannon without the Ball,doesnt work.

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