Back to the future – Movie review – Going back in time!

I decided to to go back to the future and visit this classic movie,there is something special about BTTF.

The movie seems to embody all of America,Bright blue Sky’s,80’s power ballads,blue denims and the picture of promise and youth delivered by Michael J Fox.

I’ve probably watched it over a hundred times over the years,I still promise myself that before I die I will jump on a skateboard and try and hitch a ride into town without the owner of the jeep smacking me in the face.

A good guy is nothing without his bad guy,Biff shows some real attitude at times in this family movie,now days they make kids movies but you never really get the impression the bad guy could really hurt you,Biff leaves you with this impression that pain is coming your way.

And finally Doc,woudn’t it be great if Doc lived around the corner from you as a kid,I always found it weird how Marty never seem to appreciate that most kids didn’t have crazy inventors as their best friend,that let him use his huge amp to blow stuff up,or maybe it’s weird that Marty doesn’t seem to have any genuine friends in this movie,either way there has never been a character written that was as wacky as Doc,and I doubt there ever will be in the future.




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