Rudy – Movie review – I dont think even Rocky would have gone this far…

One of the our co blogger’s on here wrote a review on this film,Thought I would give it a go.

Rudy is a short ass kid who would get blown over by a mild gust of wind,Rudy continues to get back up and keep’s fighting for what should never be his,he does not have the build to be a professional American footballer,but what he lacks in natural talent, he more than makes up for in his heart for the game,with his never say die attitude.

This true story is unique to the point that most sports movies have a hero,that goes onto score that all important touch down to win the big game,in Rudy’s case, to get anywhere near the subs bench would have made for an unbelievable achievement!

I enjoyed the movie and I suppose it would be classed as inspirational,there are moments when the American cheese get’s a bit much,but the overall message of the story will pull you through this.

7.5 / 10

More recently Rudy has got in a spot bother,after launching his own sports drink (Rudy Nutrition) he got into a spot of trouble when he was accused of lying about taste test results and conning people out of $382,000,looks like there maybe a Rudy 2 – Rudy and Mr BIG !

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