Man on a Ledge: Movie Review. Sam Worthington….again!!

Seems like you can’t sit through a movie lately with out Sam Worthington showing up somewhere. I’m not saying its a bad thing, he tends to make the grade whatever he plays. They are definitely pushing this guy as the next big action hero. The trouble is ” he doesn’t fit the bill in my opinion”. There is just something missing in his characters that he plays, I can’t put my finger on it, maybe im just getting a Worthington overload.

The movie is not to scientific to follow. Its based around an ex cop who is imprisoned for stealing a diamond. As he plans to prove his innocence he escapes police custody while attending  his fathers funeral. Before long he ends up on a Ledge of a rather tall building. He threatens to throw himself off unless they bring in Lydia Mercer, a psychologist who failed with her last jump victim.

While he is stalling, his brother is working on a diamond heist that will prove his innocence.

Was the movie any good? Well there was not too much to complain about. The screen plays was kept to a basic understanding, other wise Sam Worthington Would not have applied for the job. Your not going to miss a great deal if you  push the pause button to pop to the lav. Jamie Bell who plays the brother does an OK job. Genesis Rodriguez who plays his girlfriend has the scene of the movie when she changes into latex suit. Its worth watching just for this twenty seconds…trust me. Mr Robcop Ed Harris plays the bad guy well, Robocop is not to rusty yet, at bit tarnished but still in working order.



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