Audition Movie review – a magic sick trick of movie 8/10

A widower feeling lonely, get’s talked into creating a fake movie by his friend so he can audition and meet young attractive ladies to possibly marry,and replace his loneliness with love.

After dismissing several ladies he finally find’s the girl of his dreams…..

To say anymore would ruin the movie,the only thing I would like to add is,I have watched and been in-thralled by movies since I was a kid,there are very few gems that really stick in your head over the years but for original content and pure journey of a film,there are few that come above this movie.

If you haven’t seen it,please watch it with an open mind and don’t make the mistake of giving up on the movie if your not enjoying it from the start,if you can be patient I guarantee you will enjoy it!



One thought on “Audition Movie review – a magic sick trick of movie 8/10”

  1. i’ve watched it twice and the movie cemented takashi miike as one of the few directors that i have follow throughout the years. imho, the other movie of his that i find rather awesome is the happiness of the katakuris. 🙂

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