Shame – Movie review – Artistic wan* fest

Just finished watching this,feel like I just watched a feature length advert for the latest car,you know those adverts that has nothing to do with the product they are trying to sell and leaves you scratching your head as well as appreciating that visually the advert was first class,just pointless,well that’s how this film felt.

If you enjoyed Black Swan then you will probably love this,I myself enjoy movies that challenge the norm and break new ground,that being said,if you attempt this and it fails you do not then have the right to presume that if someone dislikes the movie that they didn’t understand or get it,I got it,I just didn’t like it.

Brandon plays a New yorker,when he’s not thinking about having sex,he’s having sex,and when he’s not doing that he’s masturbating,sounds exciting but it really doesn’t come across as anything more than some directors inf-actuation with his own wet dream!

To sum up,if you want to make a serious artistic movie,it helps if the character in question has some redeeming features,this guy doesn’t smile,has no charm or quirky element’s to his character,which leaves you watching a boring wanker for a long 101mins.




2 thoughts on “Shame – Movie review – Artistic wan* fest”

  1. We certainly disagree on movies starting with movies should be seen on a movie screen for which it was made not a computer screen or ipad screen or even a 60″ TV screen–aside from that after reading a few of your reviews our tatses, and thoughts, are obviously different–which can be fun!

  2. There are two bloggers writing on better than IMDB (Yappy & KO),I enjoy a debate,are you saying you enjoyed Shame ? if so,what did you enjoy or think was good about it ?


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