Weekend – Movie review – …Different

Sometimes you have a click around the net to find an independent movie,you don’t want to find out anything,just sit back and be surprised or disappointed with what prevails.

Well I was certainly surprised with this movie,it starts off with a guy arriving at a house party and not looking comfortable with the people around him,everyone sits around drinking beers,playing on a console,laughing with their girlfriends….

Eventually he makes an excuse to leave and heads down to a local club,knocks back a few beers,by the end of the night he takes a bloke back,They Fu*k,then this gay romance begins…

There was a little bit too much cock on show for me to really appreciate the background shots,that being said,Tom Cullen,the star of this film,has got skills,im talking purely about his acting,if it wasn’t for him I would have probably turned off when I knew what direction it the film was heading.

As it was hard to relate to the subject matter,I don’t understand how this made theĀ Total films, top 50 movies of 2011, unless Tom Cruise was on the judging panel.




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