Hard Boiled Sweets: Movie Review.

The movie starts by introducing the characters one by one. Their all given nick names of sweets, not the desert type the ones you pop in your mouth and suck for a while until they dissolve.

Its based in London(of course) and Southend its about several people who think their hard. The news breaks out that Jimmy the Gent is going to pay a visit to the area. Jimmy is the man with his brief case that he never lets out of his sight. All these hard people plan to steal Jimmy’s brief  case. But who is the hardest to succeed?

How do you spell that noise when doing a joke fart? That is what this movie is. Give up making these cockney gangster movie please. If your going to keep subjecting us with them, then use some imagination.

If your non-british you will like the scenery, the camera angles show a side to England rarely caught on camera.

The movie was less hard-boiled and more soft centred.




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