Seal of approval list for the best popcorn films released in the last year or so….

My brother recently asked me for a list of the best movies released recently,his reason for asking,was so he could download them and in turn entertain his family,my top ten would be different but the idea of the list was to include films that a family could turn on and not think too much ,= popcorn movies ! nothing wrong with popcorn movies,everyone is different,if I passed him some of my real favourites his family would switch off after ten minutes because nothing funny was happening or somebody wasn’t getting shot at within the opening sequence.

So for my brother and other movies goers who watch half a dozen movies a year,check out the following !



War Horse

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo




The Kings Speech

We need to talk about Kevin

7 thoughts on “Seal of approval list for the best popcorn films released in the last year or so….”

  1. Sorry–Bridesmaids just shows women can be as crude, rude and vulgar as men–Hugo was boring–Kevin was disappointing–Crazy Stupid LOve was stupid–I did love War Horse especially the epic scene of Joey running away–You have to like Pitt and/or baseball to like Moneyball–didn’t see Dragon, Drive or Warrior as they are not my type of pictire–violence is not my thing–King’s Speech was excellent.
    I wopn’t get into the ‘download’ aspect–you don’t see the picture tat was made. :O)

  2. Once again we disagree,I have never seen a Baseball game in my life,but I do appreciate the movie and the story.Drive is more than violent film,its probably one of the best films in years in regards to original script and story,gosling was immence in that movie.I very rarely go to the cinema,would love to but the convenience of watching the latest flicks from home is too much to turn down,Thanks for the comments Martin

  3. Im not talking family,as in films for the whole family to watch together,kids get to enjoy Hugo,while my bro get’s to pretend he’s Gosling for the evening.

  4. Very solid list. I must commend you on not putting The Descendants on there. Don’t get me wrong it was good but I did not find in one of the best. I am also glad to see Warrior on there. I think a lot of people saw this as trying to ride the coattails of the fighter but i felt it surpassed it. The only film I would add is probably (and I know no one will agree with me on this) is Lincoln Lawyer instead of maybe We Need To Talk About Kevin. Again not saying I am right. But solid list. I approve.

  5. I agree about the Descendants and Warrior,The Warrior was a decent fighting movie,probably the best MMA movie made,with regards to acting/story.I thought the Lincoln Lawyer was OK but we need to talk about Kevin really made an impression on me,a lot of people dont seem to like that movie but I thought it was original and surprising.

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