The first movie you saw at the cinema ? post your responses…

As mentioned before,my family don’t really appreciate the cinema,that is the reason I was taken to my first film at the cinema by a friends new step daddy trying to impress the mother he was dating.

The movie….  Three fugitives – 1989

As first films go,it was pretty funny,Nick Nolte was brilliant,playing his usual hard character,not usual for me at the time as I had never been to the cinema before,he was instantly impressive though as a strong character.

Martin Short was fantastic in this flick,he shows all all the insecurities of a man in a desprete situation, matched with the emotion of being without his daughter,I remember laughing throughout.

By the way my friends new daddy lasted around two more dates,then jumped ship,thanks for taking me anyway ….

Please comment about your first movie at the cinema or at least leave a link from my site onto yours ….

Three fugitives



9 thoughts on “The first movie you saw at the cinema ? post your responses…”

  1. I don’t remember my very first theater trip (my parents started taking me when I was just a baby) but the first film I distinctly remember seeing in theaters was Titanic. I was six years old, and Fabrizio quickly became my second crush. My sister and I, growing up in the Great Lakes State, were obsessed with ship wrecks at the time, which is what prompted us to see it.

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