Twilight: Breaking Dawn-part 1: Movie Disaster-part 1

What a load of rubbish this movie is. I didn’t really expect to much different to tell you the truth, the three before did not fair any better. The Franchise really missed out on something special with these movies. The first installment you can forgive for being a slow build up, it looked like it was setting up base for some exciting story lines. Nothing could have been further from the truth, what we got was an unimaginative lifeless story of a threesome.

Not content to boring the viewing public with three movies, they go and bring out breaking dawn as a two-part bore fest. The question is “why bother with this if I hated the others so much”.

The hype about this movie was the birth seen. It was meant to be the most graphic ever filmed. I’ve seen better birth scenes  on an episode of ER. If you can’t pull off the being in birth noises then I guess you shouldnt be an actress. There was nothing graphic at all about the birth, all that was to be seen is a lot of after blood.

I guess they done me again. Marketing….man im easily sold.



4 thoughts on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn-part 1: Movie Disaster-part 1”

  1. I was forced to watch one of their earlier films when I was abroad,hated it,I dont believe you are suppose to enjoy these type of movies unless you are a 14 year old girl.

    Im surprised you even gave it a go Yappy!

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