The Samaritan – Movie review – Co star ruins a good film!

Like everyone else,I fell in love with Samual L Jackson when he starred in Pulp Fiction,the was something mesmerising about the way he delivered speeches in that movie,well the writing isn’t as good in this movie but it has potential,Samuals character (Foley) get released from prison after serving 25 years in prison.

Foley has good intention’s to go on the straight and narrow but his past begins to catch up with him.

With lots of twists and turns,the movie could have rated a lot higher,one reason it didn’t was due to Samual’s co star not being very good,(Luke Kirby) he made for a terrible gangster in this movie,and at no point do I feel any real expression of fear from any of the cast while watching him perform,I just found he brought the film down and ruined it.



2 thoughts on “The Samaritan – Movie review – Co star ruins a good film!”

  1. I just finished watching this movie about 1 hour ago. The film was going along just fine until they ripped off one of the story lines from Old Boy!! After that it was hard to forgive and enjoy again. I persevered and and it slightly recovered until the end again, there was a major floor after they got shot, I’m supprised they think were that stupid, she was shot about 4 times in vital areas, were as he was shot in the shoulder. There was no equipment at to save her life, load of boll*$^s.

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