Bunraku – Movie review, The Good,the Demi Moore & the Ugly

Weird movie,starts off being narrated by a guy who narrates movie adverts,the movie has a similar style to that of sin city,all the characters have a larger than life way. it could have been a good action hero movie,Josh Hartnet puts in a good show,but as the movie goes on,Woody Harrelson looks more confused than I was as why he accepted this role.

Demi Moore plays a small role,a role that cheapens the film.

There are a lot of good things in this movie, but also too many bad things to make this film a hit.



4 thoughts on “Bunraku – Movie review, The Good,the Demi Moore & the Ugly”

  1. Thanks for reviewing this. Been meaning to see this but have been discouraged by negative reviews. Sounds like something to watch if there is nothing else.

  2. For the viewer with a taste for art, this is a must-watch I say. Unless you are looking for your average every day action movie, you will find this quite interesting and a refreshing vacation from the norm.

  3. Disagree 100%,you could qualify all crap movies with ”this was supposed to artistic”

    This movie tried to me many things,none of those things included being a good movie,agree to disagree

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