Stallone – The Good movies…and the Bad

I love stallone’s work,I think some people have a misconception about Sly,because he has played two of the most famous characters in the business he gets associated with these guys every time he releases a new flick,I think he is a fantastic actor with great range,this range doesn’t apply to comedies,there is nothing wrong with this,Al Pacino and De Nero haven’t made that many laugh out loud movies.
Here is my simple rating on Stallones work,agree,disagree,its up to you,just my opinion….
2010The Expendables Barney Ross– Surprisingly good,not to much plot,but for an action movie it was done well and was enjoyable.

2008Rambo John Rambo – Stallones face has been injected and stretched so much I could not tell if he was happy or just permanently surprised in this movie.
2006Rocky Balboa Rocky Balboa – For me the worst of the Rocky movies,I really didn’t like the whole Adrians dead theme,if this was the reason for her not doing the film why not show her in the first ten minutes dying ? I think she had too much self-respect to allow her name to be added to this project.
2003 Taxi 3Passenger to Airport (uncredited) – Why ?
2001 Driven Joe Tanto– Terrible

2000 Get Carter Jack Carter– Bad career move

1998 Antz Weaver(voice)  – Not for me
1997 Cop Land Freddy Heflin– Strong performance worthy of an award,film was sadly average.

1997 Men in Black Alien on TV Monitors – Very realistic
1997 My Little Hollywood Boss – Never seen it,(in no rush)

1996 Daylight Kit Latura– Blockbuster on its release,it was OK,nothing special

1995 Assassins Robert Rath– Out of sorts in this movie,it’s like he’s forgotten how to act.

1995 Judge Dredd Judge Joseph Dredd– Im sure the idea was good but the result was awful.

1994The Specialist Ray Quick– Clever and stylish movie

1993 Demolition Man John Spartan – Popcorn movie,pretty bad film

1993 Cliffhanger Gabe Walker – Class film and story line.
1992 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Sgt. Joe Bomowski– What was he thinking ?

1990 Rocky V Rocky Balboa– A mar-mite movie,I thought it was OK,some people including Stallone hate it.

1989 Tango & Cash Lt. Raymond Tango – Some of the worst acting & dialogue ever seen.
1989 Lock Up Frank Leone– Great film,a strong story,great cast including Donald Sutherland.

1988 Rambo III Rambo– The film should have never been made.

1987 Over the Top Lincoln Hawk – My guilty pleasure of all his movies,the soundtrack and father and son thing get’s me every time.
1986 Cobra Lieutenant Marion ‘Cobra’ Cobretti– Terribly cheesy movie

1985Rocky IV Rocky Balboa – The best montage and training scenes
1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II Rambo – Good fun,a one man army !
1984 RhinestoneNick – Shocking

1983 Staying AliveMan on Street (uncredited) – Really was a walk on role …

1982 First Blood Rambo– Stallones 2nd franchise begins just as Rocky starts to lose credibility,good film.

1982 Rocky III Rocky Balboa– Enjoyable but the franchise starts to turn into Hollywood mush by this stage.

1981 Escape to Victory Captain Robert Hatch – He only plays a small role,does on OK job.
1981 Nighthawks Deke DaSilva– Terrible movie,on par with Arnolds Raw deal.

1979 Rocky II Rocky Balboa – Still has the class of the first movie without having that raw edge.
1978 Paradise Alley Cosmo Carboni– Sounds like a Porn movie,never seen it

1978 F.I.S.T Johnny Kovak– Really good film,only saw this recently and was impressed with Stallones acting chops in political movie.

1976 Rocky Rocky Balboa – Best film he has ever made without exception

2 thoughts on “Stallone – The Good movies…and the Bad”

  1. I love Rocky (the first one) and the 4th installment is my second favorite in the series. I also love his cameo in Staying alive (as he directed and co-produced it). Sidenote: It was probably in “Staying Alive,” when John Travolta was at his most fit, and top of his game in regards to fitness. I’ve heard (so probably not good to quote me here) that Sly trained Travolta for his role in it. …

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