The best free podcast’s according to…. Me

I have been addicted to podcast’s for the last few years,thought I would share some of my favourite cast’s which help make train and bus journies fly by.

Number 1 – You know what dude – Bobby Kelly and Dan Soder

Bobby Kelly:

Dan Soder:

This show has been going few a few years ,but over the last year the show has really picked up,Bobby Kelly, best known for his work with Dane Cook, is a stand up comedian who is based in New York,as well as talking about his latest gigs he also talks about people’s general problems such as weight loss,smoking and drinking….Very funny and enjoyable show to help pass the time.(Some shows go upto 2hours)

Link –


The Daily Bacon Podcast

The show which is broad-casted on BBC 5 Live each weekday, its cut into a podcast and rounded off to an hour,Richard has a knack of asking the questions other interviewers are afraid to ask,it’s not a rude show,just an intelligent show with mostly interesting guests.

Link –


Bill Burr Podcast –

Bill Burr is a fantastic comedian who has been on the circuit for a long time and has starred in some US TV including Breaking Bad,Bill mostly performs his podcast alone,which for a one man show is a remarkable achievement to be this funny.


My wife hates me – Rich Vos & Bonnie McFarlane.

A unique podcast which has two comedians who are married to each other,and spend most of their time falling out or just generally taking the mick and making up.

Please add any podcast’s you recommend in the comments section (No Itunes links please)

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