The Human Centipede – Movie review,surprisingly good!

The IMDB top review warns not to watch this film,calls it sick and stupid and ask’s why somebody would make such rubbish,well,I loved it,so that’s one reason!

The director has been quoted as saying there is no point in making a film unless its an original idea,I completely agree,if this movie makes you feel sick or it’s just not for you,great,move on and state why you don’t like it,but don’t tell people not to watch,its like me going to France,hating it and then presuming everybody is the same as me so tell everybody else not to holiday there.

I enjoyed the movies Hostel,the reason for this is because everything that happens in those movies can actually happen in real life,there is no ghost or weird devilish creature,same with this movie,its wrong and sick but its all the more scarier because it could happen,plus its incredibly original




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