Irreversible – Movie review, The most controversial movie ever made!

The most controversial movie ever made has probably caused more reaction and debate with my friends and strangers that I thought I would bring my own opinion to WordPress.

Is this the best movie ever made ? No,does this movie create a reaction and take you on a journey that no previous film has done ? Yes,the title plays in reverse,so the event happens then the movie keeps flashing back to the previous days.

The main talking point about this film is the seven minute rape scene,a lot of fuss has been paid to this area of the film,I personally found it hard to watch,its a continuous shot,there is no editing,no separate angles,just one shot that zooms slowly into the event,while watching this I felt like I had witnessed a real rape,I felt huge sympathy for the lady in question and pure hate for her attacker,and then I snapped out of this mood and realised I had just witnessed the most realistic horrific scene in any movie ever made,I did not feel joy,just a realisation that this film had just taken me somewhere other films wouldn’t even think about.

The film then breaks down into the backdrop of all these events coming together,which makes the original event even more painful to take accept.

I think some people have pre judged this movie based on this event,they ignore that it has France’s answer to Al Pacino, in Vincent Cassel,there are a million movies that have been made about killing which have showed a gore-fest of scenes without any original backdrop(The Saw franchise)

At no point does this film glorify rape or show any sexual scenes whilst the rape is happening.

I wish people would get pass this one scene to appreciate what is one of the most moving films ever made.



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