Maniac Cop movie review – These movies are so bad (1988)

I first watched Maniac cop when I was around ten years old,I remember hiding behind the sofa when he came storming out of nowhere to batter some random civilian.

Twenty years on and I am falling asleep on the sofa while watching it,I cannot believe how bad these movies are,Maniac cop is more mentally challenged cop,I think the makers have tried to copy the Jason element of him having a thing for his mother, but the actor playing Maniac cop doesn’t really have the acting ability.

This is a cheap movie,the sound editing is laughable and some of the extra’s work is that bad I’m not sure anyone told them they were in a movie.

Note: They made four of these movies, FOUR !




2 thoughts on “Maniac Cop movie review – These movies are so bad (1988)”

  1. Why keep going back and ruining old memories, if it was reviewed back then, you would have thought differently. Most film are painful to watch, these movies are what made us love movies.

  2. Because some of these movies stand the test of time,Maniac cop does not,I wasn’t expecting T2 effects but im sure at some stage I saw a tomato sauce bottle just out of shot.

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