When are they going to make the Incredible Hulk real again ? – (Avengers)

I don’t follow a lot of the super hero films as I find the whole CGI orgasm that happens on the screen off putting,with the exception of the recent Batman movies.

With all the hype over the Avengers movie I am quietly looking forward to it,just seen a trailer and notice they have blowed the Hulk up again to a point that it looks like you are watching a cartoon,less is more from my point of view,the original low budget TV show of Hulk had it’s faults but the one thing it got right was using a bodybuilder for the angry version of Hulk,this creates a reality to enhance any story line,no matter how unbelievable.

There have been two Hollywood attempts using the same old CGI version which I think failed miserably.

I’m sure the movie will be good,just gonna have to walk out when he get’s angry!

Original Hulk:



9 thoughts on “When are they going to make the Incredible Hulk real again ? – (Avengers)”

  1. Yeah I’m getting confused with all the different version too and Lou was the best. But I read an article that Mark Ruffalo who plays him in the new “Avengers” is signed on for 6 Marvel films. So maybe if they maintain the same actor for six films we may have a stable look for The Hulk.

  2. Just an opinion here, but I don’t think the point of the Incredible Hulk is to be realistic. The only thing he has going for him (other than his hugeness) is his “incredible” rage. Losing your head doesn’t really bode well with a team or for fighting crime.

    If the Hulk was say 20 pounds bigger than Thor AND a complete idiot, he wouldn’t be much of a superhero at all. Also, Banner tripping out on gamma rays makes for an interesting “can we contain and harness this powerful creature” dynamic.

    Again, just my opinion that the Hulk needs to be exaggeratedly humongous. Enjoying your posts and reviews!

  3. If you know anything about comics and obvious you don’t! The Hulk in comics is a lot bigger then a roid head. A body builder playing the hulk just would not work on so many levels, you could not find a body builder who could act for one. Also his powers would not compare to the likes of iron man or captain america, so he has to be super huge. The reality is a roid head can not run a 100 meters without being gassed out.

  4. My god who got out of bed the wrong side this morning Yappy ? your argument makes no sense,he cant compete against other make believe characters,who’s own powers are make believe?
    my OPINION is that I hate the CGI version of Hulk,not just the size but the whole graphic,hence why I prefer the original as its more believable,now get back to reading your comic books!

  5. I respect your opinion but disagree,the whole point of the Hulk is that he transfers from a normal size guy,into the Hulk,I hate this CGI King Kong version of Hulk,I believe in the other characters powers as they are plausible with the backdrop of the story.I would rather they used a real guy for the role or just made the CGI version better,just an opinion.

  6. I can understand where u coming from. But, have you seen the new Avengers movie yet? I have posted a new featurette, you are most welcome to visit and see my review of The Avengers.

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