Inside, Movie review – The scariest movie I have ever seen !

I can safely say that this is the scariest movie I have ever seen,to the point,that when I recommend it to friends I will first pre qualify them for watching it,it really is that disturbing!

It’s a French film,who I think after earlier releases have to be best nation for horror,followed by the Asian film market.

There was something very real about this movie,no over acting,no horror cliché’s,just a very good movie that teased you with superb suspense throughout, as well as truly make you consider turning it off as it really is a mixture of a emotions you go through when watching.

Warnings/ recommendation’s –

No one should watch this movie if they  –

*Are Pregnant*

*Under 18 or over 60*

*Hate the sight of blood*

*Cant read* (Its subtitled)


Inside – 2007



10 thoughts on “Inside, Movie review – The scariest movie I have ever seen !”

  1. I’ll look into the movie, sounds interesting.

    I do have to disagree on the best horror film maker countries, though. Asian and French markets appeal to a certain subset of fans that are into over the top gore, violence and graphic images. Asians being top notch at anything weird.

    I’m not completely sure that there is a foreign film market that I would consider the best. While I like gore and it has it’s place, too much of it is a bad thing and starts to wear on the viewer after so many films full of it. The scariest movies I’ve ever watched are either Spanish or American (classics, before we started to suck). Back when they relied on atmosphere and tension, rather than blood and guts.

    I do hope this movie has the atmosphere because the synopsis certainly makes it appear that it does.

  2. Years ago America was the only place to get your horror movies,they have fallen behind now,I dont know if that’s down to trying to please to many people or thinking of how much money it will make but the French in my opinion have taken over when it comes to original horror.

    I dont enjoy just any old blood and gore,unless it has a reason for it,whats the point,back to INSIDE,I have never seen so much suspense and tension in one movie.I hope you enjoy

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