Roy oh Roy oh Roy!

I’m still in shock over the English FA appointing Roy (nice guy ) Hodgson.

When the whole country has been shouting one name for the last half a dozen month’s how can the FA just ignore the people’s voice,you could argue that,the last time the FA chose the popular option they ended up with Kevin Keegan,true,but Harry has much more to offer the England team,as a West Ham fan I remember all to well what he did for our club,we were hovering around relegation when he arrived,within a short time he had us playing attacking football and finishing 5th in the Premier league and qualifying for Europe,as well as bringing through some of the best talent the game has seen in the last decade,Joe Cole,Frank Lampard,Rio Ferdinand,Michael Carrick…..

All of these players love Redknapp for a reason,he knows how to deal with players on their level,he can motivate players and cut through all the bullshit that surrounds the game.

Look what he as achieved at Tottenham with the likes of Garath Bale,that guy was average at best before Redknapp arrived,now he is a world beater who is being touted by the likes of Barcalona,just think what he could have done with the likes of Rooney,Gerrard and Walcott for England…..

Everybody ask’s that same question each time England get knocked out,why do we play so badly,why cant we play with freedom,why do the players look unhappy and uncomfortable,Harry was also the players choice, because they know what kind of atmosphere he creates around training camps,before the terrible games in South Africa in 2010,Harry did some build up work for ITV,before the match started he performed a fake team talk to the England team,it was so motivating that I think I could have played well by the time his speech ended,instead they had a charmless pizza chomping manager communicating via sign language,Roy is an improvement on Fabio,but not by a huge margin.

The FA have made another HUGE mistake in picking another yes man in Hodgson,Roy will make England organised and they may win a few games,but end result will be the same when it comes to the country feeling cheated,the only difference this time,is that the FA have had months to make a decision and have still chosen the wrong man,I hope the English fans vote with their feet and fail to attend the Friendlies and championship games,why should the man on the street waste his hard earned money on a team managed by an organisation who have no respect or time for his opinion.


3 thoughts on “Roy oh Roy oh Roy!”

  1. I think that is a little harsh on Roy, he has good experience as an international manager and got Fulham to the final of the Europa League beating Juventus 4-1 at home and Juventus do not get beat 4-1 by anyone

  2. I dont blame Roy,I blame the FA,the win against Juve was great,but in reality they are not the giants of Europe they once were,since being relegated and caught match fixing,thats why they were playing in a second rate competition in the first place,if you want to talk about games you can refer to the competition everybody cares about when Harry beat AC and Inter Milan in the Champion league,just my opinion,but I dont see any improvement happening under Roy,I see another Steve Mclaren on our hands.I hope im wrong….

  3. I’m with you on this one. What I will sat though is, he had done a great job at small clubs, in terms of performance over the last 10-15 years, England are a small team. God knows how they get into the top 8 rankings every tourney. At least this summer I can relax, I am not supporting them this time round, good luck Roy, hope you enjoy being manager of Wolves soon.

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