Appropriate Adult:British TV at it’s finest

Once in a while British TV will create a programme that will compete with anything the Americans throw at us. There only down side is that they havent figured out yet how to stretch it out longer and make their mini series’ into whole season. I can understand that they don’t want to over cook the point of the story by extending the episodes, but if only they could then British TV viewers wouldn’t feel the need to watch the shameless soaps that are hurled all over them.

The Appropriate adult follow the case of Fred & Rose West, the British infamous serial killers. The story start as the police bust the West’s house following up a previous enquiry to their missing daughter. Fred and Rose are taken to the police station for questioning, he police have asked social work Janet Leach( Emily Watson) to be an appropriate adult for Fred West( Dominic West, No relation)who they believe is uneducated and may find it hard to understand there questioning.

As the police go about trying to find out the where about’s of their missing daughter, they try to divide the couples trust to each other to see who will crack first. Between the pair the West’s have already decided who will take the blame. As Fred confesses to the killing of their daughter, he is taking to Cromwell Street  where he  is asked to point out the place where he buried her.

After the police can find no trace of the body. Fred reveals to Janet that there are more bodies to be found. Soon enough the police break Fred and bodies are popping up left, right and center.

For anyone who knows this story it will bring a flood of memory’s, where were you when you heard the story?

The two-part mini drama for me was an excellent piece of TV. I can’t fault any member of the cast here, everyone put in a truly stirling performance. I had reservation at the start when Dominic West was playing Fred, but I needn’t of worried, he  was superb .

A throughly good watch



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