The League: TV Review, season 1-3

I’m always hunting around for the next big thing to come from american TV. This show is into its third season now, I’m surprised it took me so long to find it.

The show is based around a bunch of friends who grew up together. They are into the late 30’s, some have started family’s while other continue to live the bachelor life. Most of the guys have good jobs while the others just seem to plod along, this is no concern to any of them. All is what matters to these guys is the league.

Sounds like some sort of jock fulled American macho crap? Far from it, there is not a pair of trainers in site. It is based around there fantasy football league (American football). This does not take away that they think the game is real and that they are the coaches and sometimes the players of their teams. They stop at nothing to get the leading edge of their next opponent.

I doubt this is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, sometimes it’s not mine. I guess it helps if you’re in a fantasy league, which I am. Our exchanges are over e-mails and the leagues forums, we don’t go to the extremes of these guts just to win a game. There are some episodes that leave you thinking is this funny! or am I being to picky of what funny is meant to be?

As you get to season three its all worth it, you can tell the budget has become bigger and the writing  more cleverer, the jokes are more thought out and the actors are comfortable with their roles in the series.

If you have 20 minutes to fill why not give it a shot.

There is a League ready for you to join anytime.


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