The postman always rings twice – Movie review,Makes Basic instict look tame!

After reading this film was on many people’s top 100 list I thought It was time I saw it.

Jack Nicholson play’s a cheating low life of a character who if given the opportunity to steal $1 will take two,after bumming a free breakfast he find’s himself being offered a job and digs by a greek man, it’s not too long before he starts to notice the charms of his new boss’s wife.

Enter Jessica Lange,this movie for me is one of the reason’s she will go down as a movie star,ive seen her in such films as Tootsie and even though she was good,I could never understand why she won awards.

The sexual happening’s were surprising for a film of its time,aswell as the length of these scene’s,I kept waiting for the scene to quickly shoot to them having a cigarette but instead the wildness continued…

The story is all about lust and both actors portray this emotion better than most modern-day star’s.

The name of the film always intrigued me ,the following are the most common reasons given –

It’s called the Postman always Rings twice because of a crime that was committed in the late 1920s. Ruth Snyder convinced her lover Judd Geis to murder her husband. She also took out an insurance policy on him for a lot of money. She instructed the postman that when a letter came from the insurance policy to ring the doorbell twice so she would know to get the mail first so her husband would not find out about the insurance policy. After the trial, where Snyder was sent to the electric chair, the phrase “the postman always rings twice” became synomas with adultery and murder and lust, which is exactly what the novella is about.

and –

The title is about how you can’t escape justice. You can miss the postman’s knock once but he’ll catch up with you eventually, same with justice.




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