West Ham need to take a two goal lead away from Cardiff tonight !

Having spent most of this season banging my head against a wall,West ham are now treating their fans to a playoff semi final with Cardiff,I remember all too well when we lost the play off’s to Crystal Palace all those years ago,we had the better team that day but if you look at todays squad,tonight’s game should be a walk in the park.

Cardiff scraped into the play off’s via the six and final place,West ham missed out on the automatic places by two points,it’s pure misery when you think about it,the draw with Bristol and all these other teams at home make for hard reading –

Doncaster 1-1

Watford 1-1

C’ Palace 0 – 0

Leed’s 2 – 2

We have a team full of experienced Premiership players,we should have tied the league up with games left to go,I think Sam has struggled to find his best front two all season which has cost us.

Malkay Mackay seems to be worried about the hammers visit,so far he has confirmed they are the under dogs(You dont say) and that it doesn’t matter what happens tonight,hinting to West Hams amazing away record this season.

For this reason we need to leave the Cardiff city stadium with atleast a two goal lead,Upton park has been a horrible place to play under pressure this season,if we can take that lead to the second leg I believe we can get promoted as I dont see us having any trouble playing at Wembley in the final.



One thought on “West Ham need to take a two goal lead away from Cardiff tonight !”

  1. It’s sick when you think of the Doncaster result and Leeds haven’t been able to buy a win under Warnock. I fancy West Ham over two legs but taking a 2 goal lead away from Cardiff will be tough.

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