Avengers Assemble 3D: Film Review

A review that KO has been waiting for. My team-mate on here the other day had the nerve to slate the Avengers movie , without even watching the god damn thing. I’m here to rub it in his face, ive not long got back from watching it in 3D.

I’m not going to use any spoilers, as it wouldn’t be fair anyone who is going to venture out to watch it. Let me tell you this im one of the 3D crowd who are a little bored with it now, it seems like every second movie now days is 3D. It come to a point where its a little annoying wearing those glasses for up to two hours, specially when you were better of with the 2D version.

Not here though, the 3D effects are immense, you going to miss a whole load of tricks with out. That being said I reckon the 2D version is still going to be worth watching.

If you’re a comic movie fan then this movie will be right up your street. On show there are superheroes a plenty. The argument I had with my KO blogger the other day, was about the ridiculous dimensions the Hulk gets and that the CGI look to fake. In the movie the Hulk is known by all the heroes to be the baddest of them all. The craziest the biggest and the slightly more unhinged. So it’s still a no you could not get away with the Hulk being a body builder!!

For the superhero lovers what this film does is leave you in awe, seeing so many of them together. If like me and the best action films of the day where the one of the 80’s, starring the like of Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van dame and Segal. You would have given your right nut to see them star together in their hey day. Well this is what you have here, but these are all primed.

Get your ass off the sofa and watch the 3D K0

An awesome spectacle


2 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble 3D: Film Review”

  1. I still stand by my Incredible Hulk argument,everybody seem’s to be saying good things about this movie,doubt I will venture to the cinema for it though,all of the 2D cinema’s have sold out this week,not the same story with 3D,now if they turn the classic,Deep throat into 3D I might consider going to the cinema!

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